Mom Friends has a lot of groups for you to enjoy! Find the ones that interest you and start a conversation…we have to start somewhere and participation is key in making friends. Don’t be shy. Post and reply as much as you want!

Are you signed up to be a member of this website? Many have stopped in, but have not logged in, so they are not showing on the members list. Once a member, you can have a profile page, join groups, make friendships, and have an activity stream.

Please check out this option. Soon, many of the groups will only be accessible to members!
Also, did you know that you can edit your name on your profile? Yes, you can! Just click on your name and go to your profile, then find where it says “Base”…that is the name that everyone sees you as…click on “edit” and change your screenname!

There are many things that you can do with your profile, so play around with it! You can also add two photos…your avatar and a background photo. You also have a portfolio page where you can add photos and make projects to show off! Just have fun!

We have a great chat feature here…it includes a public chatroom and one on one chatting. Signed in members…your screenname shows up in the chat box…if you are not logged in, the chat box assigns you a generic name shown st the top of the box. Ten people may use the feature at once.

Can you post anonymously? Sure you can!
All you need is a separate email account from the one that is associated with your Mom Friends account.
Come to Mom Friends and DO NOT log in. When it’s time to answer a post, put in the word anonymous (or whatever you’d like) and then your other email address (which will be kept private) and then start replying. You will only have to do this once per visit.
This option will work in all public areas of the site!
(Note: Anoymous Users do not have profiles and cannot message members)
Enjoy your privacy at Mom Friends.

See you in the groups!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Start Talking (And More!)

    1. Mom Friends is here to support others. While we are meant to be a group of trying to concieve, moms to be, and moms, we are willing to make exceptions to lend support to any woman 🙂

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