Mom Friends has teamed up with and Mother Lounge to give you the ultimate social experience. You now have the chance to meet even more friends!

Like Mom Friends, these communities were founded when the community we remember as Cafemom shut down. 

The founders had the same idea…to give women from all over a safe place to talk about a variety of topics and a fun community to socialize, laugh together, and also support one another through life’s stresses.

The owner of momconfessions is a wonderful woman who goes by piratemoo. She is a mom, a computer expert, and as nice as can be. You will meet wonderful people at

Mother Lounge is owned and operated by PiscesFishy and her husband, who started the site for her so that she could offer up a place for all the women from Cafemom to gather.

Go to these sites to debate current events and hot topics (you can post anonymously) and just have fun in general. There are many forums to choose from in each place.

Momconfessions and Mother Lounge members:

Mom Friends welcomes you! We are a gathering of women who like to make friends. Our site consists of supportive and mainly specialty based groups. Many of us brought our member owned groups directly from the Cafemom community to have a new home here. You are invited to join us! Please make yourself at home. We would love to get to know you! We are a small site, but have many things to offer. You can make a beautiful profile, join supportive groups, start your own group even, and also submit articles to be published here if you’d like. Thank you for visiting Mom Friends!

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