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      if it’s not one thing it’s another….over the weekend our A/C in our bedroom ran out of Freon so I had to have them come fix it. We had a couple of hot nights. Especially with all the dogs in the room.

      I’m just going to work on cleaning the dogs beds today and making a pot roast for dinner.

      oh, and Stella is getting a bath of course Hahahaha

      have a great day!

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      Stella and her baths! HA!!!!!

      That sucks about the ac! You defiantly need that in Florida! HA!


      Have a good day!

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      Man a hot room with panting dogs nooo LOL. Glad that you got it fixed!

      I went to the Mcdonalds by my parents with the kids since there is a play area. Maxy wouldn’t get in the tubes though. They still had fun. Then we stopped over at my parents to hang out for like 1 1/2 hours and play with the dogs. My friend is living with her parents since her breakup last year and her son is 5 mos older than Max and he was having his bday party-her parents live in the same subdivision as mine so we went there for the party. We got him an Alpaca made of alpaca wool and a kite. I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling so I sent it from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. So last night I made him a card and drew an alpaca on it holding a kite with his name written in clouds. I wrote on the inside: You are good. you are nice. You get an alpaca and a kite. Love your friends

      LOL I am such a dork I used to want to be a card maker when I was a kid and I still love making homemade cards for people’s bdays. I even wrote Jenny Card Co.  © 2019 just like I did when I was a kid.

      After that I went to the grocery store came home and made dinner and got the kids in a bath-they needed it. Tell me why Max wipes his mouth with his napkin and then wipes his hands in his hair? LOL! They’re allergic to dogs so they needed a bath anyway plus June tried to jump over a drainage ditch at my friend’s house eventhough I told her not to and she failed LOL Have a g’night ya’all!

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