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      I think Taylor will be going to her first school football game tonight. She told me some kids asked her if she was going, so I told her she should…I’m trying to encourage her to leave that bubble LOL. She was asking me what going to football games was about and what do you do there, and finished it off by wanting to know if I would be going…I’m like “no, you’re supposed to hang out with other kids, not me!” Time to spread your wings, little bird 😉

      So that’s about all that’s going on here.

      @xfilesgirl75 hope the kids had a good first day of school! Still waiting to hear about your sugar pie recipe 😘

      Have a great day!

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      Thats funny about the football game. Yep time to spread your wings. HA! Hope she had fun.


      The girls had a great first day. yay!!!!! Just hope all the rest from here on out are good too! HA!


      Sorry I forgot to text you the recipe  the other day. I just did. Enjoy!!!


      Jeremy left for a quick Peru trip. Will be home Saturday. Today is my Walmart shopping day and I need to clean the kitchen and bathrooms.


      Happy Thursday everyone!

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      Aww yes you just hang out I hope she goes and has fun!

      @xfilesgirl75 I’m so glad that they had a good 1st day 🙂

      The kids are still sleeping over here Maxy was acting up at bedime, kept getting out of bed so no TV today. I told him that if he gets up again that I will tell my mom to come pick up June and him and I will stay home. He didn’t get up after that. I hope you all have a nice day!

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Open house today at 530. Half day of school tomorrow. Just jumping for joy😒</p>

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      I’m completely off this week. Wednesday seemed  like Tuesday. And today I kept thinking it’s Wednesday.

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