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      Homer and Langley Collyer were reclusive brothers who lived in a four storey brownstone building in Harlem.

      They were also hoarders, paranoid, yet very inventive.

      Eventually their hoarding, reclusive ways would kill them both and their deaths would become a public spectacle.

      Homer and Langley Collyer.


      Homer and Langley Collyer.In November, 1881, Homer Lusk Collyer was born to his first cousin parents Herman Collyer and Suzie Frost. Herman was a gynaecologist at Bellevue Hospital, Manhattan and Suzie an Opera Singer. A few years later in 1885, Langley Wakeman Collyer was born. Although not an entirely ‘normal’ family, the two boys were greatly educated, both attended university with Homer gaining a degree in law and Langley degrees in Engineering and Chemistry.

      The family would later move into a four storey brownstone ‘mansion’ in Harlem, but in 1909, Mr and Mrs Collyer separated and the boys, now in their mid twenties, chose to stay with their mother in their Harlem home.

      By 1929, both the Collyer brothers parents had passed away, everything was left to them, including the brownstone home.

      Things seemed to be going well for the brothers, Langley became a concert pianist and Homer practised law. However, in 1933, Homer lost his eyesight so Langley quit his job to care for him.  This care came in the form of Langley feeding Homer 100 oranges a week, lots of peanut butter and rest. He would also play piano for his blind brother.

      The two distrusted doctors, fearing that medicine will just make Homer worse.

      Reclusive and Paranoid

      The Collyer brownstone ‘mansion’.As Harlem started to fall into poverty during the great depression, the Collyer brothers began to get paranoid. They became reclusive, with Langley venturing out only at night looking for food. Their phone had been disconnected and their services shut off because they did not pay their bills… not for lack of money, they just didn’t pay them.

      Children began to throw rocks at the house as they passed by, shattering the windows. In response the brothers boarded them up, and placed grills over the lower floor windows. After several break ins due to rumours of fabulous wealth located in the residence, Langley began to build a myriad or passageways complete with traps through the house.

      And what did he build these passageways with?

      One of many tunnels through the Collyer home.

      Stuff… lots of stuff. During their seclusion from the outside world the brothers had become hoarders. At first it was all the possessions of their mother and father back in the one house. Then it was things that took the brothers interest. Soon it was whatever they found they could salvage from off the street. After Homer lost his eyesight, Langley began to collect and keep newspapers and books for when his brothers eyesight came back. Eventually their hoarding filled every space in the house, floor to ceiling so Langley began to construct his tunnels and traps from the hoarded items and trash.

      Homer never left the house, never saw anyone else, and was completely reliant upon his brother. Langley would crawl the tunnels with food for Homer, travelling through the house, typically on hands and knees, between the two ‘nests’ the brothers lived in.

      Langley would not completely avoid human contact and he would speak to people if he came into contact with them on his nightly walks. He was well spoken but shabbily dressed, this was because he feared that if he wore nice clothes he would be robbed. The brothers had plenty of money and after several years of not paying their mortgage and facing forced eviction, in 1942 Langley wrote a check for the remainder of the house payments in full. They also purchased a neighbouring property just so they would not have any prying neighbours.

      The brothers were totally reclusive now, having only each other for company… and one completely reliant on the other for everything.

      One of Langley’s traps?

      Lonely Deaths

      One of Langley’s traps?On March 21, 1947, the police received a phone call saying their was the smell of human decomposition coming from theCollyer Brothers brownstone home. An officer was dispatched but he had difficulty entering the home as there was no answer to door knocks and no way in through doors and windows.

      Eventually, failing all other options, police began to pull the junk from the home in attempt to gain access and investigate the horrid odour. As items were pulled from the house they were thrown out into the street. This scene attracted thousands of onlookers who lined the opposite side of the road. Everyone knew of the ‘crazy’ Collyer brothers and all wanted a peek at what mysteries lay within.

      The investigation and clean up drew a lot of onlookers.After many hours of digging, Homer Collyer was discovered in a bathrobe, sitting with his head resting on his knees. He was dead. Official cause of death was starvation. What had happened to his carer, Langley?

      It was rumoured that Langley had left his brother to starve to death and police received reports of Langley being sighted all over the US. Although these reports were investigated they all turned up nothing. Homer Collyer’s funeral was held but Langley never showed.

      The clearing of the Collyer house continued and eventually 120 tons of junk was removed. The collection of items was quite varied ranging from a gun collection to bowling balls, Fourteen pianos and a model T Ford chassis. More than 25,000 books were removed as were tons of old newspapers. Human organs were discovered pickled in jars and several pet cats. There was also a lot of garbage.

      The investigation and clean up drew a lot of onlookers.

      Eventually the mystery of the missing brother was solved. On April 8, Langley Collyer’s body was discovered in the brownstone home under a pile of newspapers. It was theorised that Langley was bringing his brother some food when he had tripped one of his home made traps causing a pile of newspapers to fall on him and suffocate him to death. After this, Homer would have slowly starved, as he waited for his brother to come and feed him.

      Langley died within ten feet of where his brother waited.

      It was actually Langley Collyer’s decomposing body that caused the stench, alerting police to the situation in the house.

      Homer and Langley Collyer were buried next to their parents at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn. They lay in unmarked graves.

      As for the house… after it was cleared out it was found to be in terrible condition. Several walls had fallen in, the roof leaked, and there was a lot of hazardous mold. Being condemned it was soon demolished and the area where it sat is now a small park named after the Collyer Brothers. If you would like to visit it is found on the corner of 5th Avenue and 128th Street.

      Langley Collyer is found…


      Source: http://www.theparanormalguide.com/blog/buried-in-junk-the-collyer-brothers

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