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      Hey everyone!

      Just letting you all know that I have some things going on right now and need to take a break from the interwebz.
      I have been feeling under the weather and also Mike is having surgery Friday so he will be needing my full attention. I’m also dealing with my dad who is in the hospital with a blood infection. Just a lot going on.

      I will be gone for a couple of weeks.

      Please keep posting and try to keep conversations up while I am gone. I will miss y’all.

      @xfilesgirl75 have a nice beginning of summer!
      @greenbird15 wishing you the best with your doctor!
      @psydelta many happy days to you!

      I will see you soon


      P.S. I am hopefully also going out to Kansas sometime this summer to see my daughter and grandbabies…I really hope that is able to happen!

      ( @xfilesgirl75 can you please unsticky this after it’s been read? Thank you so much 😊)

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      Hope things get better for you Michelle!!!! Just take all the time you need. Yes I will unstick the post in a few days after everyone has read it.

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      HUge hugs Michelle.  I will miss u,  but understand.  ur in my thoughts & prayers with all………

      Take care………

      Love & hugs, Delta

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      @mnm1994 Hugs friend I’ll be praying for you and your family!

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      Pray for you and your family

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