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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I need you help. Lol. I am still struggling with my career, InhaveIasked my angels and guides for help but I feel the voice is not clear. Do  you see me getting a promotion at my current job, a new job altogether at new company?  I am a supervisor in a call center. I love what I do by helping others and coaching but I feel like I should be doing more and I feel undervalued and unfulfilled. At my last job I was there for over 10 year and it took a lot for me to step out on faith and leave a year ago and now I feel like I am at that same spot and ready to walk away.  My manager left and Naturally I applied for his job since I do it anyway, since he has left and have my interview Friday and have prepped for weeks to show them I already do the job and knock their socks off. But My old manager before he left  said they have already told him I would not get the job but as a formaity, they must interview me because I applied. I am completely hurt by this, and i honestly dont want to prove a point but know I can do the job.  I dont know if I should trust him cuz he has done some shady stuff, and gave our job a recommendation to hire the other supervisor as the manager instead. This guy is his friend and  is horrible at his job and is inappropriate with women there. Him getting the job would be horrible .  I will be going  through with the interview but just want to see what you feel and thr energy around this. This job would be life changing for me and well deserved for all my hard work. It would also give me the funds to start.my own business. </p>
      Side note: I am also looking I to starting my own online business selling Crystals and other unqiue stuff like LOA planners and journals I make. I feel led but I am not sure if that is my path or just another pipe dream likec ikesome of the others thst fell through. How can I find my souls purpose so that I can feel wanted and valued. What do.you see me doing??

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      Hello Beautiful!

      What I am feeling is that you have every chance in the world to get the promotion, but you will have to go out on a limb and tread very carefully to get it.

      What matters most here is that you have integrity and you need to let the superiors see this. I owned a business a long time ago, my husband also owned a business, and now my husband is in upper management . The truth is this: if you are up front and honest from the very start, then they will listen to you. It will be hard to do, but just come out and say it:
      “Jim Bob told me that you are not considering me for this position and only interviewing me for formality…he also told me that you were going to promote his friend Billy Bob since they are buddies. I do hope that I can persuade you to listen to what I have to offer to the company as I was doing Jim Bob’s work duties even before he decided to abandon the company, and have been filling his spot ever since. I feel I will make a better addition to the management team rather than Billy Bob, because, to be honest with you, he’s been making some of the females very uncomfortable with his inappropriate behavior.”

      See, what you’ve done here, is eloquently let them know what douchebags both of these supervisors are. Hopefully, they will even look into it before a sexual harassment case comes about, because nobodies got time for that.

      I think it’s wonderful that you want to pursue an online business! There are many ways you can go about that and with trial and error, you will find what works for you. As your friend, I suggest starting small on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. Get yourself an Instagram and a twitter page going and promote promote promote! There’s nothing stopping you from doing it right now. Just start small and watch it bloom into something amazing.


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