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Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

Home Forums Girl Talk Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

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      I have been once. I didnt get a ticket though. I was at a 3 way stop and I even saw the cop parked on the side of road. He said I didn’t come to a full and complete stop which I probably didn’t  but the reason I think he pulled me over is because he had a kid in the car doing a ride along and probably wanted to give the kid some excitement. I was in a neighborhood and it was a 3 way stop and no one was at the other stops. I did I guess what they call a California stop where you slow  but dont come to that full stop where your stopped for a few seconds. He just told me to go with a warning. But really I did nothing wrong.ha!  I know he was just bored with the ride along  kid.HA!

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      LOL! That’s funny @xfilesgirl75

      Yes, I’ve had a couple of speeding tickets when I was younger, but not in a long long time. It’s been like 20 years since I had one and even then I was charged with “disobeying a traffic sign” and not speeding. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten anything since because I have a bad habit of barely making it through yellow lights as they are turning red…lots of times, I don’t make it! I think I just misjudge how much time I have with the yellow light….I don’t do it on purpose.

      I keep to the speed limit on the road, though and never ever speed….people are always passing me.

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      That would be kind of funny if he did just pull you over because it was a boring ride along.If there are no other cars around, I can see where a person might not come to a full stop. I know my husband wouldn’t.

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