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Welcome to PSYCHIC MOMS. Here we focus on all things Psychic and Paranormal. We also offer spiritual support and help you learn to cast negativity out of your life. PSYCHIC MOMS welcomes all. Whether you are a seasoned Psychic, beginner, or looking for help and advice or just want to discuss or share your experiences with the paranormal. Here, you can discover your gifts and receive guidance in developing them. Wander over to the Hall of Divination to open a doorway to a new and exciting gift of tarot, oracle, pendulums, and more! Or you can request free readings from psychics and mediums to find out what the universe is trying to tell you. PSYCHIC MOMS is for everyone from all faiths and beliefs... all walks of life. Diversity is welcomed and accepted. This is a safe group where you can be yourself. No drama, just friendship and a sincere desire to help others. Please be kind and respectful of one another and don't forget to have fun.

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