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My spirit animal?

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      I want to know what is my spiritual animal is. I know I love animals dogs and cats but I’m really interested to know that way I can get into tune with it. Thank you 

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      My feeling is that the bluebird is reaching out to you right now.

      Bluebird Symbolism

      & the meaning of Bluebird

      the quintessential symbol of happiness

      Bluebird Symbolism. . .  An enduring symbol of happiness is the delightful little Bluebird.  Bluebird beckons the day to be filled with simple pleasures, and sings the song that happiness is possible, it is gift you give to yourself.  If you are going through a dark time, Bluebirds remind us that things will be brighter, just hold on and get through this day.  Bluebirds are symbols of the heavenly realm and when Bluebird appears for you she may be bringing signs of loved ones from heaven above, a Bluebird may be a physical incarnation of an angel sent just for you.

      Spiritual Meaning of the Bluebird Spirit Animal

      The spiritual essence of the Bluebird comes to spread joy, peace and to remind you to surrender to the beauty that is all around you.

      Bluebird may be urging you to spend more time outdoors in nature in the wide open spaces where you can re-connect to your own deep spiritual essence.

      Bluebird asks a simple favor. . .  when you are in need of comfort and happiness, take out a journal and count your blessings, remind yourself of those things that make you happy, that make your spirit soar with joy.

      As I write this it is the wee hours of the morning, dawn has just filled the sky, and right outside my window a bird is singing his sweet song, it is a most beautiful confirmation of the message of happiness that the Bluebird delivers to our heart.

      Symbols ~&~ Powers of the Bluebird Spirit Animal

      Bluebird Symbolism ~&~ Totem Medicine Powers:

      Happiness, Joy, Simple Pleasures

      Bluebird Spiritual Meaning:

      Angel Messenger

      Bluebird Magic:

      Soul Songs

      Bluebird Symbolism ~&~ The Presence of Angels

      Bluebirds have a special ~ special energy, your heart recognizes it, that’s why when you hear or see the Bluebird your heart skips a beat, and your breath is taken, somewhere deep within you remember that the Bluebird is a messenger of the Divine, and flies side by side with the Angels.

      Have you ever taken notice of how many Bluebirds are with the Angels in paintings and art of Angels?  Bluebirds are the sweet companions of Angels, just as Dove’s are.  The Bluebird and the Angel carry the same gentle loving energies that soothes our being down to our very soul.

      The Angel can take the form of a Bluebird to bring you a message to lift your spirits and give you hope.   The Angels sing their song through the Bluebird, and the heart hears the meaning of the melody in the secret message from the Angel.

      Alas the secret of the Bluebird, is that he/she may just be an Angel by another name.

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