Community Guidelines



1 Be respectful of others. 
It’s simple – be nice to others. Give each other the benefit of the doubt – often things online can be misunderstood. Try not to take things too personally.



2 Don’t harass, personally insult or attack other members. 
You can be opinionated and say that your opinion is better or different than another opinion. But don’t be nasty about it. Disagree with the opinion, not the person. Don’t name-call or try to rally support for your “side”.
If you must “vent” your feelings about another Mom Friends member, do it without identifying her. Don’t use her screen name or any other information that is likely to make her recognizable to other members. 



3 Slurs, stereotyping, and hate speech are not tolerated. 
Slurs, hate speech, and attacks aimed at any race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation are not tolerated at all on Mom Friends. Don’t stereotype people. It isn’t funny and it isn’t acceptable.



4 Controversial topics and debates are encouraged, but be prepared for others to agree AND disagree with you and your ideas. 
When you post something, especially about a controversial topic, expect that your viewpoints and opinions may be vigorously questioned or challenged.
Mom Friends tries to be a place where people can express their opinion and practice freedom of speech, even if their message is extremely controversial or of questionable validity.
Personal insults and attacks are not allowed. Inappropriate posts may be removed.
If an inappropriate discussion is happening in a member-run group, it’s up to the Group Owner/Admins and Mods to remove the offending posts, according to the Mom Friends Mandatory Group Guidelines and their own group’s guidelines.



5 Don’t ask other members for help in the form of money, gifts, or donations. 
We appreciate the stress on you and your family resulting from financial pressures, however, it is not acceptable to ask another member for money, goods, or services. 



6 Advertising and promotions are only allowed in YOUR personal profile activity feeds and in groups that allow advertising. You may not PM other members or Public Chat, or post in others’ activity feeds your advertisements unless they specifically request information about it. 
Advertising includes:
• Work-at-home businesses
• Products that you are selling (personal or professional)
• Job opportunities
• Charities and charitable causes
• Promoting another website (personal, non-business websites are not advertising)
• Promoting your entry in a contest (e.g,. “vote for my baby in the cutest baby contest on &*!”




7  Mom Friends group promotions are not considered advertisements.
Pyramid schemes and cash gifting scams are illegal and posting information about these schemes anywhere on Mom Friends is prohibited.
Posts soliciting or advertising the availability of children for adoption are not permitted on Mom Friends.



8  Nudity and abortion pictures are not permitted on Mom Friends.
-Nudity is not allowed unless it is a breastfeeding or birthing photo, or a photo of a baby who’s under the age of 6 months.
We don’t allow photographs, illustrations, or other images depicting abortion



9  Be careful about the personal information you share online. 
Don’t repost messages from private groups or private messages in public places. If the information was posted in a private group, assume that the member wants it to remain private.
Don’t give money to people who ask for it online. While their stories may move you, you have no way of knowing if they are legitimate. We can’t verify the identities of everyone on the site and you use the site at your own risk. We urge you to learn and follow best practices for staying safe online.
You should also not share or post anyone else’s personal information. 
We are not responsible for what happens off the site, even if it was organized on Mom Friends. Be careful whom you talk to, whom you trust, and what you do in the “real” world based on what you read online.



10  Report any issues you see on the site. 
If you see something, say something. We on Mom Friends depend on members to help us identify when there is a violation of these Guidelines. When you report something to us, we will do our best to investigate it. Let us know by using the “Contact” link at the Main Menu on the top of each page or contacting the administrator of the group. We will investigate promptly. Do not threaten, harass, or make posts about your suspicions. Doing this will only interfere with and slow down our efforts to get to the truth quickly.
Likewise, if we discover that you are pretending to be someone you are not, we will cancel your account.



11 Don’t do anything criminal or illegal on Mom Friends or encourage anyone else to do so. 
Any postings that we reasonably believe or suspect are criminal or illegal in nature will be removed and any conduct that we suspect is illegal or which poses a threat of illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities. We will cooperate with authorities to prosecute anyone who breaks the law while using our site. Do not link to sites containing criminal or illegal activity.
If you see something that you believe is illegal, you can report that to the authorities. We are not experts, and can not make assessments about the legality of many things – if you think it’s illegal, you should contact the police and let them make the decision. We will fully cooperate with any authorities who contact us about issues on Mom Friends.



12 If you want to discuss Mom Friends policies, please contact us directly. 
We are open to constructive feedback about our decisions and policies. In order to keep on top of all of the inquiries, we request that you Contact Us directly. 


Thank you for being a part of Mom Friends