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    • Hi ladies! We got our results this morning. Everything is good with baby and it is in fact a little girl! We’re so excited! We have 3 boys & 3 girls now 🙂 Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging words and thoughts!

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    • Alisha replied to the topic Growing baby in the forum Readings and Discussions 5 months ago

      Thank you xfilesgirl75 🙂 We are excited for this little bug to come!

    • Hi ladies! So I had my 12 week scan last week. Everything is looking good so far. Baby is growing well and measuring 13w4d today. I had the blood test last Wednesday which we should get results this week some time. Any last guesses on babys gender before our results? Lots of people are saying girl 🙂 Also does anyone see any abnormalities that…Read More

    • Happy New Year’s Eve ladies! I was just wondering what the new year will bring for me and my family? We know a new baby is coming this summer but does anyone see anything else? How will 2019 go for us?

      My husband is also working in getting a website up and running with a friend of his by the end of next year. Does anyone see if this business…Read More

    • Hi ladies! So an update on our little baby bean. I had some slight spotting last week but everything is looking good. I am 8w1d today and due July 31st. Babys hb was 171 at this visit. Still thinking girl. Our next appt is in 4 weeks where we will get another ultrasound and blood test to check for abnormalities and gender. Does anyone sense any…Read More

    • Hi ladies. So everything is looking good. I was 7w2d when I had my us but baby was measuring 6w2d, hb was 124. Can anyone tell me will baby catch up in growth and will he/she be a healthy baby? Does everyone still see a boy, cuz I’m starting to feel girl. Anybody see anything else with the baby or pregnancy? Thanks!!

    • Thanks ladies! Baby is doing well. Heartbeat was 124 and he/she is measuring a week behind at 6w2d. 

      We only see 1 baby but baby is so small there could be 2. My levels are still high. Are you all still seeing a boy cuz I’m thinking girl? Are you seeing a healthy baby?

    • Hi ladies. I had my blood taken today to check my levels. I keep having very vivid dreams of twins or miscarrying and I’m starting to freak out a little so the dr told me to come in. Can anyone see if my levels will be within normal for 6 weeks. I’m so nervous with this pregnancy and I don’t know why. It just feels different than the others. I…Read More

    • Alisha replied to the topic Worried in the forum Readings and Discussions 7 months ago

      Its funny that you ask that Becki. This morning I woke up around midnight and 4 am very nauseated. Like almost vomiting in my bed. This morning I’ve been very nauseated too with looser stools so maybe things are going well 🙂 Thanks ladies!!

    • Alisha started the topic Worried in the forum Readings and Discussions 7 months ago

      Hi ladies. So today I just got this overwhelming feeling of worry. I’m trying not to stress but it’s so hard in the first trimester. Im almost 6 weeks and feel scared I might miscarry. Can anyone put my mind at ease? I really dont want to lose this baby we tried so long for. I’m really hoping my symptoms start picking up soon. I don’t have alot…Read More

    • Thanks ladies! I’m thinking possibly girl myself but I dont know. I’m happy with either gender right now 🙂 I’m thrilled you were right Becki! Even though I thought it was a crazy idea because I was going on vacation, you were right on! I appreciate you both so much! I’ll keep you updated as often as I can 🙂

    • Hi ladies! So I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and so far everything is going well.  Have this feeling there might be more than 1 baby in there. I had a weird dream about twins before I found out I was pregnant. Then I dreamt of a girl one night and a boy the next night. Usually I’ll dream of one gender. I dont know but I’m starting to think…Read More

    • Hi ladies! So everything is going well with me I think. Nausea has started a little but not bad yet. Super tired and my breasts hurt but other than that I dont feel much else right now. I’m 4 weeks 3 days. Do you see when symptoms might start picking up for me? I’m not anxious to be sick but I want to know the baby is doing well, ya know?

      Also…Read More

    • Thanks so much! My first feeling is boy as well. We’ll see in a few months 🙂 Thank you for sticking by me this whole time! It’s been a long ttc journey but now the fun begins! You ladies are awesome and gave me so much hope when I was so frustrated 🙂

    • Thank you MountainMomma! Do you see the pregnancy going well?? I’m starting to not feel so well and hoping that’s a good sign.

    • Hi ladies! So I found out this morning I’m finally pregnant! Yay! You all said it would happen soon and it did. I’m wondering if you can sense a gender and if everything with the pregnancy will go well? Thanks for all your support!!

    • Hi ladies,

      I hate to be so annoying but I cant shake this feeling that I’m pregnant. I’ve been having pregnancy dreams every night for almost a week. My head is throbbing so bad today and af is due tomorrow but I don’t have normal symptoms of af coming. Can anyone see a pregnancy?

    • Hi ladies,

      I know you’re probably getting tired of me asking you as I’m really getting tired of asking myself BUT do you ladies think I’ll be pregnant by the end of the year? Should I pull out my opks and temps again and really try this cycle or should I just let it be? I just want to be pregnant already. It’s been 15 long months 🙁 Please,…Read More

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