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Was on CafeMom for many years and joined here with the demise of the CM message board. Gemini/Scorpio-rising; librarian, hobbyist astrologer, aging flower child, and chief cat-feeder. Dry sense of humor, sometimes sarcastic, edgy, &/or wicked. Two grown sons; empty-nester, more or less. Divorced in 2012. Looking forward to retiring in a year or so. Finally! I enjoy a drink or three with friends and having a good time. I like laid-back people who are loving, laugh easily, & not quick to judge. I'm open to making friends on here, so friend away if you are so inclined. I enjoy movies & a few things on TV, and reading, yoga, and the occasional walk. I like to travel. I've been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Isle of Man, France, out West and around the South in the U.S. Been thinking about getting a poodle, (but don't tell the cats!), and brushing up on my conversational French. My Pinterest is : For chatting on Kik, my screen name is saffrondaydreams. Interests/Likes: Tarot, Lenormand cards, Traditional Astrology (pre-1700 astrology), Theosophy/Ageless Wisdom, Astrotheology, esoteric and occult studies, cosmology, Celtic myths, the Old Path, and culture, spirit communications, scrying, divination, OBEs, UFOs, Earth changes, yoga, Indian mysticism, the energy body & auras, occultism and mysticism of late 19th/early 20th century in America & Europe, automatic writing, the paranormal. Reading Preferences: romance, erotica, paranormal/urban fantasy, suspense/thrillers, the occasional sci-fi/fantasy, non-fiction related to my interests, biographies. Favorite Authors: Alice A Bailey, Sybil Leek, Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, Tolkien, Diana Gabaldon, Anne Rice, Sylvia Day, Nicole Edwards, Olivia Cunning, Christina Lauren, Lorelei James, Bertrice Small, J R Ward. Music I appreciate: Rock (Led Zeppelin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Pink Floyd, etc.) Irish Trad Music, Indian Ragas, Tibetan Buddhist chanting, space music, etc. Movies and TV shows I appreciate: In general: metaphysical spook movies, science Fiction, steamy romance, Samurai films, film noir, old movies from the 30s & 40s. Various TV shows; currently watching Bosch and The Black List. Other faves: Outlander, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, X-Files, Mad Men, Vikings, Longmire, Tin Star, The Killing, Sense8, Deadwood, Mindhunters, & the occasional vintage 60s comedy.




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