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Featured Post- Menu Changes At Mom Friends

Hello Members Of Mom Friends! You should all be noticing that the main menu of the website is a lot smaller than original. We decided to...

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Updates And New Groups Added To Mom Friends

A lot has been happening at Mom Friends lately! There have been updates to the site, new groups added, and there is now a...

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Meet Our Momconfessions And Mother Lounge Friends!

Mom Friends has teamed up with and Mother Lounge to give you the ultimate social experience. You now have the chance to meet even...

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Looking for Mom Sites? Join Mom Friends- Discussions For Moms

If you have been looking for mom sites, then you have found the right place to be. is a discussion site for moms,...

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Member Submitted Articles

Are you a writer? Do you have a passion for something that you’d like to share with all the other moms? How about any...

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I am married with three kids, 2 adults and one teenager. I have 4 German Shepards and 1 Maine Coon kitty that I always have with me. I live in Florida. I love to meet new people!


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