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    • Danelle posted in the group Girl Talk 1 month, 1 week ago

      Two days left until our big move, it seems weird that we will only have two more nights in our current home after 10 years. There are so many more things left to pack, especially all of the furniture. We also have so many dang books. Today we have to clean the carpets at the new house, tomorrow we will start moving stuff to the correct rooms, and then start loading the u-hauls.

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      • Oh boy! I know you will be super busy for awhile. Hope all goes well with everything. Sounds like when this done you need a book yard sale! HA!!!

        • The move is off to a lovel start, My husband rented the u-haul and of course ignored me when I told him to park the cars on the side of the house and park the u-haul out front. Instead he pulls the u-haul around to the side of the house and hits out van in the process and tears off the front cover on it. His friend did come down and help us load a bunch of stuff though that we will have to unload tomorrow.


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