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  • Xfilesgirl75 posted in the group Girl Talk 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    where is everyone????

    Mood : Good
    • I keep forgeting to log on here to say hi. Things have been pretty busy, trying to finish up paperwork for the house. Needing to sort through stuff here to get ready to pack. Plus i keep getting side tracked and wandering down to the thrift stores to talk to people and shop for summer stuff for the kids who never seem to stop growing. Well, mainly for Ann now. Working on school too.

      • Glad you are doing well.Yep I bet your busy ! Ally hasnt grown much since Freshman year but yep Jenny wont stop! HA!

        • I am glad Melila has slowed down, she was 5′ 6″ last I messured her. Ann is already 5′ tall and still growing fast. They are 3 years apart and Ann already is just 1 shoe size smaller than Melila. Eyan is already taller than me, so I think the girls need to stop growing before they are too, lol.

          • Jenny is in 8/10 slim pants and 10/12 tops. Size 4 shoes. Ally is about 5 ft 7 and wears size 5 pants . She has big feet like me size 10


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